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see itLuna Color Print
A striking 16-inch wide by 11-inch high fullcolor watercolor painting of the Luna chugging along in its pre-World War II beauty, with white hull and varnished deckhouse has been created in a limited series of signed and numbered prints by the noted marine artist David Boone. David is a former tugboat dispatcher who has achieved prominence on the Atlantic Coast as a leading tug portraitist. Prints are available for $40 each. see it

Luna Cards
The full-color image of the Luna as created by artist Dave Boone. Card is folded, measures 8.5 by 5.5 inches and can be written on the inside of the card. A wonderful card for maritime-minded friends. Package of five cards for $18 each.

Original Treenail
A souvenir of the original Luna is an original locust trunnel driven into the tug's hull at the M.M. Davis Shipyard at Solomons, Maryland in 1930 and removed during the hull reconstruction in 2001 at the Sample's Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor, ME. Each of these trunnels is clean, and has a clearly defined and complete wedge driven into an end. Each is at least 7-inches long and the original spoke sheave trimming is still visible. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity. $18 each.

Luna Hull Spike
A four-sided, galvanized iron spike, typically 5-inches long, which help secure the outside planking of the Luna to the frames. Driven in 1930, removed in 2001. Cleaned of rust and brushed clean and lightly oiled to a hard finish. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity. $15 each. $10 each if ordered with a trunnel.

Luna T-shirt
Own the first (and only) edition Luna t-shirt, a quality white T-shirt with a small view of the Luna on the front and a profile of the Luna on the back. $18 each. Please specify size (M, L, XL, XXL). See it

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