Frequently asked questions
What do you need to know?

Where is the Luna? At present, the Luna is undergoing restoration at Sample Shipyard in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Unfortunately, during her repairs, Luna will not be accessible to the public.

When will the Luna be open to the public? As soon as the major ISTEA hull rehabilitation contract is completed, probably in late 2001.

Where will the Luna be on display? While there are several possible sites, the Luna will probably be on display at the Charlestown Navy Yard, the site where she was based during World War II.

What needs to be done to rehabilitate the Luna? The Luna never had a major overhaul during her 41 years of service, nor her 28 years of retirement. Due to damage suffered during the days prior to the Luna Preservation Society (LPS) taking custody of the tug, the challenges are greater than might be expeceted. Help save the Luna!The Luna has been safely afloat since 1995 wrapped in a heavy roofing material. She needs major hull restoration, primarily of upper frames and planking, as well as repairs to her stem and stern frames and bulwarks. Other repairs to part of her deckhouse side, boat deck, pilothouse roof, and decking will be performed after hull repairs. Her original machinery was corroded during the pre-LPS period and will need extensive repair to become operable again.

Is the Luna worth saving? Absolutely! The Luna is complete and structurally unaltered since her delivery -- a rare situation for any tug more than a few decades old! Her beautiful lines are intact, her deckhouse and pilothouse complete. Surveys of her upper and outer hull have found the hull to be overall structurally sound and deserving of rescue. As the first commercial diesel-electric ship docking tug and the last surviving full-sized wooden tug on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, the Luna is deservedly a National Historic Landmark.

Who is saving the Luna? Volunteers. People like you. We are a lean organization and our volunteers are drawn from all sorts of professions and all ages.

Who supports the Luna? Among the generous organizations that support us are:

• City of Boston • Massachusetts Highway Department
• Mayor Thomas Menino • Mass Historical Commission
• Boston Globe Foundation • Secretary of State William Galvin
• Dibner Fund, Dolphin Fund • Stevens Foundation
• Marsh & McLennan